The Wanted Fuck One Direction: Hazza's Hole
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Harry had gone on the boat ride just to finally bury the hatchet with the rival boy-band. They were both in Ibiza, so why not? Of course Louis was supposed to go with him, but that bitch backed out. He was probably off with Nathan being lame. So he boarded the boat and greeted everyone.

Tom and Siva were in the back, tanning/sleeping, Jay was driving and Max handed Harry something alcoholic from the cooler. They took off. Max and Tom were in skimpy swim trunks and Siva was wearing speedos. Everyone once and a while Tom would wake up to tease Jay about his driving. Other than that, it was mostly down to Jay and Max to make conversation.

After a bit, Max grew bored and little drunk "Hey, Harry, wanna bone?" Harry looked around for guidance. Jay smiled a bit from other his sunscreen but there was no response from the back of the boat.

"Um... here? Now? In front of everyone?"
"Eh these sluts will probably join in after a few minutes." Max laughed.
Jay said "Actually, I think we're far enough out where will be fine just drifting a bit."
"So Jay's game." Max said as he broke out another bottle of champagne and too a swig. He stood up and slipped off his trunks, revealing his hard length. Jay jumped out the driver seat into a kneeling position as Max let some of the alcohol dribble down his dick into Jay's open mouth. Harry swallowed and adjusted his stiffy.
"Salty champagne this" Jay joked, and then started sucking in earnest. Max just stared at Harry silently, sort of willing him to strip.
Jay popped off, "Hey Harry, it's ok, I don't bite." And Jay freed Harry's dick and started to suck. Meanwhile, Max rubbed his cock on Harry's face, daring Harry's luscious lips to open.
Harry gave in "Bloody Hell, you guys are some randy wankers." and took Max in. By this time Siva had woken up and started stroking himself. He exchanged a look with Jay and went to the glove box, pulled out a a box of condoms and some lube.

When Siva had readied himself, he tossed the bottle to Jay. Jay popped off of Harry just long enough to warn him "Fingers incoming." Harry hummed on Max's dick as and thrust forward into Jay's mouth as the long fingers fucked him open.
"That's right, hurry up Jaybird, Seev's waiting."
Harry popped off and smiled "Guys, uhh, I think I'm ready. don't want to come yet."
Jay and Max led him over to Siva massive tool and helped him onto it, and Siva pulled Harry down so he was laying on his broader frame, as Siva entered him slowly from beneath. Harry moaned and writhed, even louder as Max took his swollen prick into his mouth.
"Ha, full body service haha. Uhhhh" Harry joked.
Jay laughed, "not quite yet babe," as he prepared his own member.
Tom finally woke up "What's all this then? We fucking Harry? Why did no one tell me?"
Jay laughed and tossed him a condom  "That's for him not you."
Max snatched it and readied Harry, "K, hop on Tom. You know the rules, last one up gets to bottom."
"You scoundrels, lucky we have a guest so I won't sort you lot out right now." Siva stop thrusting up into for a bit, waiting for Tom to mount Harry's swollen prick.  He sank down with a yelp. "Damn, this kid's bigger than I thought!"
Max laughed "K Harry open wide."
Harry asked "wait, so you are going to fuck my mouth, while Siva, uhhh, fucks me and special Tom bounces on my dick? What about Jay?"
"How considerate for you! Well Jaybird is going to join Siva!" Max laughed.
Harry's eyes went wide, "Uhhh, have you felt how big Siva is?? I don't think there is anymore room"
"Relax, Max is just clowning, I get his ass."
And so there they were, Jay fucking Max, who was fucking Harry's mouth and kissing Tom, who was being chain fucked Harry and Harry by Siva. Perfect harmony.
Eventually Siva came and each Wanted member took their turn inside Harry. Harry then unveiled his special talent, he  orgasmed with Siva and then with Jay right after fucking him. Then, when Tom and Max were convinced he was loose enough, they dp'ed him until he came a third time. At the end of it there were full condoms all over the boat, and Harry couldn't sit down or stop smiling.

One Direction Orgy ft The Wanted (Beach & Cabana Scene)
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Cowritten with the wonderful mr_minogue
The boys are playing volleyball at the beach and suddenly very horny. (Red tide of aphrodisiac or something)

Harry had taken a break from the game to take a swim, but when he surfaced he'd lost his swim shorts.

He's all bashful and doesn't want the other boys to notice until he's found his swim trunks. Only Zayn had already found them and nonchalantly buried them in the sand with his feet. He approached Harry who was rock hard under the waves. 

Harry tried to slink away, and Zayn whistled to signal the other boys. Just then a big wave appeared and the water retreated to reveal Harry's boner.

All of them were instantly hard. Suddenly a seagull came down and snatched Louis' sunglasses. Niall helped him chase after it.

Meanwhile Liam hoists Harry up under the arms and slides it in with ease. Zayn pushes, but it doesn’t go in as easily. They both begin thrusting into harry with different rhythms, sending Harry's prostate into euphoric overload. He blasts it under water, and it attracts the sharks.

Liam leaves Zayn alone inside Harry, cocks slaps the sharks away, and then returns to enter Zayn. Harry is already hardening again, and the chain fuck pace gets set by Liam. Harry jumps off Zayn's dick, races back to enter Liam. It becomes a came of musical chairs with more dicks.

They take it to the cabana and fuck there on a mattress they spit roast Liam for a little bit.

Zayn in the back. The Tom comes up and fucks Zayn from behind all rough n rowdy, ruining zany’s rhythm, thus sending Liam forward to gag on Harry's cock. and he likes it. A small jar of honey is laced beneath Liam for his holy man-syrup to leak into.

Siva then enters Harry; they swing back like a pendulum impaling Zayn on Tom. Liam spit out Harry and turned the table on Zayn, bringing Zayn's mouth down onto his Dong and winking at Tom.

Both Liam and Tom decide to cum at the same moment. Zayn flips over on his back and allows them to spill their creamy goo all over his abs, where it collects like rainwater in a river basin. Harry and Siva rush over and territorially start slurping it up like dogs at feeding time. Tom and Liam suddenly feel gypped so they pin down Siva and Harry and orally take back what was once theirs. Zayn pants in the background and fingers himself.

Siva lets Liam slurp the come out of his then lifts Liam onto his dick. Liam loves being manhandled by someone bigger than him, and holds on for dear life as Siva pounds him against a sliding glass door, and moans as Siva bites his neck. Tom sits on Harry's cock and rides it like he jockey in the Kentucky Derby. Zayn is still catching his breath when Max sits on his face.

Siva carried Liam to the bed, still inside him. He braced himself on the mattress on either side of Liam, and looked him dead in the eye, smile, and thundered into him. Liam pull on Siva's jet black hair and hollered "Zayn!!!" as he came. Siva slapped him across the face and fucked him through the orgasm. Liam covered Siva's abs, chest and face with his white Christmas. Siva grinned and pulled out.
"ahh, huhhhh, sorry Seev, don't know what came over me,” Liam breathed heavily.
"S'ok, Liam." Siva laughed, "I'm about to come over you" With that Siva spurted a torrent over Liam's face and then fucked into his mouth, laughing some more.

Tom was drilling into harry relentlessly. They were doing it doggy style. Poor old chap wasn't used to this much dick tbh. Tom didn't know, or didn't care. He was pounding that tight hole like it was moral duty He'd go balls deep, then pull all the way out, then slam back inside Harry. It was so rough harry unintentionally began to crawl away, inch by inch. Harry decided to switch positions so he got on his back maybe he would be more comfortable. His abs were tense as hell, and his whole body shook with pleasure as Tom began to blow on the inside. Harry was close too. Tom exited harry and then sat on his dick. Two bounces and Harry was convulsing with orgasmic pleasure. Then they both began leaking so they fingered the mess out of each other and playfully smeared it one each other's chests. They giggled and kissed before collapsing side by side on the floor. Zayn lapped up hungrily into Max as the more muscular of the two gyrated on his face, jacking himself as he went. Zayn was hardening again and he gasped into Max's hole. Max shuddered, moved to the other end, and fingered Zayn's slick hole roughly. Zayn whined from the stimulation "Fuck me quick, I need it in me."
Max, growled low and shoved himself in and kissed Zayn roughly. Moved his hips, slowly in a circle and Zayn cried for more. Then Max started hammering into Zayn, choking him a little as he stroke the younger guy in time with his thrusts, rapid as they were. Zayn's eyes rolled back as he came all over himself. Max bit on Zayn's nipple as he emptied his white-hot load into him. He kept fucking even as his semen leaked of Zayn. They made out for a few more minutes in their sticky heap. 

The Wanted Fuck One Direction: Tiam Fighting for Love
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Liam had been wondering what had happened to Zayn for the last hour or so. He was getting board of the whole preparty thing, especially since Andy had took off with some unfortunate groupie. He went back for one more drink at the bar when he stumbled upon a surly member of the Wanted.
"Hey there Leeyum, Wassup mate?" Tom slurred.
"Um Hi. Err you haven't see Zayn around have you?" Liam asked.
"What? That tosser? Still pining over the Brad Boi from Badford? I'll tell you where he shoulda went. To learn some manners."
"Don't talk about Zayn that way. Zayn is wonderful. And Nice. You don't know the real Zayn."
"I bet Max is getting to know him. Old One Stripes is about to get some first hand experience, I'd say!"
Liam grabbed him "He's with Max? Is he gonna hurt him? Tell me, what have you done with Zayn??"
"Relax, relax, I didn't say nothin. Anyways, Max isn't the type to go about beatin up teenagers."
"Where are they, what's Max's number?" Liam shook him now.
"Aw yeah, what do I get out of it then?" Tom pressed
"Tell me or I'll-"
"-Or you'll what? Sick the Sass master on me?" Tom laughed took another drink, and then spit out his drink onto Liam laughing again.
Liam wipe his face, hauled Tom to his feet "That's enough. Your taking me to them now"
Tom held his hands up like he was being arrested and stumbled out of the club, Liam behind him the whole way. They got into a cab and Tom directed the driver to the a Hotel.
"So they are here?" Liam
"Yeah yeah ... probably" Tom mumbled.
They got up to his room. "K, thanks for walking me home buddy! Night!" Tom went to slam the door in his face. Liam burst through.
"You were lying this whole time??"
"I told the truth the first time, I haven't a clue where the bloody hell they are, or if they are even together" Tom shrugged.
"You, you you Fuck!" Liam was shouting. Liam took a swing but missed.
Tom tackled him, landing them both in the floor. They struggled for a bit and then Liam was on top.
"I've a mind to teach you some manners" Liam growled.
"Go on then!" Tom bucked his hips. Liam pinned him down. They kissed sloppily and started ripping at each others' clothes.
When the were both naked they caught their breaths, and took each other in. Tom had tight, lean muscular build on his slight frame, while Liam was a bit longer little more massive. Both had some fucking stupid tattoos.
Liam let Tom up to grab the a condom and something for lube an then snatched them from him. He readied himself while Tom fingered himself noisily. "Aww that's it, I bet you want some piece of this now , uh ah, ready for ya boy."
Liam grabbed him and flipped him on his face, and entered him roughly, all at once. He could tell Tom was used to that by the moan and the "Aww Fuck, right there man, Harder ya bastard"
Liam held his face on the carpet and pounded into him from above. Tom bucked up at every chance, only to be driven down again. Liam was relentless and an after a short while, Tom came hard into the carpet shouting obscenities. Liam came just a bit after, collapsing on top of him. After about a minute, he realized Tom had passed out. Liam laughed to himself, took a shower, texted Zayn again, and then went to sleep naked in Tom's bed.
It was was early still when Tom woke up, sore and aching and sticky on the floor, but hard with morning wood. He got up and cracked his neck, and looked about. Liam was still there lying on his bed, sporting his own wood but sound asleep. Tom, reached into his bag for a bottle of Jack, took a swig and gargled with it, while stroking himself. He drank a bit more and then creep over to Liam's boner and started sucking gently.
Liam woke after a bit of deep throating, "So that wasn't a dream" Liam said.
Tom popped off for a second, said "Nope, all real" and then went back to sucking.
Liam put a pillow over his face in exasperation. and thrusted up in to Tom's mouth a bit too roughly, causing him to gag.
Tom wiped his mouth- "Oy Liam, ever had a rim job?"
"What is that?"
"Oh, you'll like it, spread your legs"
Liam was too curious for his own good, and complied. Tom grasped onto Liam dick with his hand and started to tongue his whole. Liam's whole body shuddered and he cooed.
Tom when to town slurping up that ass. Liam was rock hard, his body heaving. Some how, Tom had managed to get a condom on and lube himself up while his tongue was still in Liam. He entered Liam like a ninja Jumping up and thrusting in all at once.
Liam laughed and moaned, and adjusted his hips "I suppose turnabout is fair play. Ahhh. But your helping me find Zayn after this."
Tom grinned and thrust in again "Whatever you say love!"

The Wanted Fuck One Direction: Siall in Paradise
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Niall was just chilling at the pool, shirtless, eating some chips and reclining in the deck chair. It was nice and sunny so he was rocking the shades and snapback. He had to slather on the sunscreen, so he looked like a dork. But he was on holiday, and no one had any idea where he was. 

Siva walked by in his swimsuit, ready to take another dip. His long, lean, copper frame was covered only skimpy light blue trunks, clingy from the water. The sun glistened off the water droplets dripped downwards over the grooves and contour of his toned physique. Niall was clad he was wearing sunglasses so no one would notice him staring. He wasn't so glad he didn't have a book or something to hide his half mast. What were the chances that the other Irish boybander just happened to be at the same hotel? 

Siva dove in like gracefully and surface with a big grin. "Hey Niall, the water great! Come on in!"

Oh shit. Niall went full stiffy. Siva new he was there! Did he know he was staring? "Oh um hey! Yeah well I ate some chips and the no swimming after eat but tanks anyway"

"Alright mate, suit your self" Siva smiled and submerged. Niall began thinking... maybe if ate the rest of the chips really quickly he could use the bowl to cover his lap. But then their would be a bowl on his lap. Would that draw more attention? He settled for just balancing the chip bowl on his thighs in front of his erection

He decided on putting his iPod in and listening to some boner killing music by Adele. He had just closed his eyes when he felt a large wet hand on his shoulder. "Hey what's up mate? Nice to see a familiar face from the home country eh?" Siva said while smiling brightly

Niall sprang up, knocked chips out of his lap, and ripping his ear bus out. "Hi um what nuthing! Wait huh?"

Siva laughed, "Relax, just saying hi. Saw you here and wanted to talk, make sure we were good. You know, put to bet all that rivalry stuff."

Niall sputtered nervously "Yeah yeah that shit was shit don't think nothin of it. We're good, fucking good yeah everything's gravy."

Siva laughed again "You are the least relaxed person I've ever seen on vacation. Do you have fever, or a sunburn? You're really red mate."

Niall was blushing intensely. His boner had returned and he was at a loss for words. He blurted "Fuck me!" and ran off towards the lobby. Of course he slipped and hit his head. Unfortunately he thought, not enough to knock him out.

"Hey guy, you're bleeding!" Siva came over to him. He grabbed the pale boy's face to check his eyes, to see if his eyes were dilated and he had a concussion. Niall just blushed even more.

"Well just a scratch! I have some bandaids in my bag in my room, you want to come and let me patch you up?" Siva offered. Niall was trying to think of a way to get away from his tormentor, but was tongue tied.
"Uh ok." Niall followed Siva into the lobby and then the elevator. Now they were close, and even though Siva was still wet, his body radiated heat. Siva reached across Niall to hit the right floor button, and brushed the blond's hardon with his hand. Siva raised his eyebrow.

"That's one erection your sporting!" Siva said, surprised and amused. "That for me?" Niall turned into tomato and reached for the open door button desperately. Siva caught his wrist. "Don't worry! We can fix that in my room as well!"

Niall's sunglasses fell off, revealing him wide-eyed and and mouth agape. "Um.. You. And Me and Fuck. oops"

Siva beamed "You. Me. Fuck." He laughed as he pulled the smaller fellow into a kiss. Niall swooned all over. The elevator opened and Niall stumbled backwards over his own flip flops. Siva caught him.

"No more accidents for Nialler" Siva picked him up easily an carried him down the hall like a brushing bride in his strong arms. Niall was so hard it hurt. Siva whisked him into the room and on the bed.

"So bandaid first? Or sex?" Siva asked as held up both a bandaid and a condom. Niall just shouted"FUCK ME"

Siva dropped the bandaid. He was on Niall in a flash, kissing him and grinding him in the mattress. It was unclear when their bottoms had come off. Then Siva was taking Niall in his mouth all at once, and finger fucking him open at the same time. Niall was woozy with pleasure.

The next thing Niall knew Siva was at his entrance, pushing in gently, kissing him softly. Things were moving so fast, Niall questioned the wisdom of having sex with a head wound and a maybe a slight concussion. Siva was a popstar and a model, not a physician he didn't know!

Those thought were obliterated as Siva thrusted in. "God in heaven, Christ almighty!" Niall shouted.

"You like that Nialler? Or harder?" Siva teased.
Niall finally laughed, "Harder you cunt."
Siva shook the bed with his thrusts, driving Niall into the mattress, hands pinching his nipples. Niall's hate came off. Siva grabbed two fistfuls of hair drove into him harder. Niall clawed at Siva's back. Siva came into Niall with a stutter and moaned and Niall erupted, somehow all over Siva's face. They both laughed.

Niall started to wipe off Siva's face Siva caugh his hand and licked off the Niall spunk. Niall giggled a bit more "I'm knackered- got anything to eat?"

The Wanted Fuck One Direction: Zax in an Alley
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Part 1:
It had been some time since there furious twitter battle. Both had sobered up, Zayn had laid off the bud, and had vaguely considered calling off the whole confrontation. But when they a saw each other at a pre party, the raged returned.

"Hey Chlamydia Boy? You ready, clown?" Zayn said smugly.
"You betta shut your mouth, bad boi," Max responded, leaning closer.
"Oh yeah! You're bald! Baldy!" Zayn shouted.
"Let's take this outside."
"Lead the way!"

Max lead them out a back, losing their bandmates and security in the process. It was a balmy night for December, and the alley was deserted. A full moon hung swollen overhead. Before Max finished turning to face his foe, Zayn struck him square in the cheek, cutting him with one of rings just a bit.

"You little bitch!" Max yelled as rushed him, grabbing Zayn's slender, tattooed wristand pinning them above his head. Zayn' shirt rid up and exposed his tender, lean mid section. The smaller guy's chest heaved.
"You deserved it," Zayn snarled.
"For what? What's your problem? Are you that in to Usher?"
"Fuck off."
"No really, tell me?" Max breathed against his jaw.
"I ain't telling you shit" Zayn whispered into his year.
"So that's how it's gonna be then?" Max pressed into him rough, and lowered one hand to Zayn's belt.

Zayn kissed him furiously. They rutted through there jeans like animals. Max unbuttoned the smaller lad's pants, Zayn whinnied. Max took the member into his hand and stroked. Zayn scraped his teeth on Max's neck. Then he reached down to the larger man's buckle. Max stopped him

"You don't care about the Chlamydia any more?" Max laughed.
Zayn smirked "I have a condom."

With that Max growled, spun Zayn around to face the wall, and unbuckled him. Looked back as Max readied himself. He was huge. Zayn bit his lip.

When Max was wrapped and lubed (his jacket is always stocked for a groupie encounter), he grabbed Zayn's ear with one hand and used the other to guide himself in.

Zayn exclaimed"Ahhh, this is what I wanted." 
Maxed hummed in his ear "I know, and your not too bad yourself love. God, so tight"
Zayn arched backwards, Max thrusted forwards. It was time to speed things up, they'd be up all night at this rated.
Max turned his Zayn's head "Wanna Kiss You." They locked lipped as Max kept thrusting. As Max hit his prostate, Zayn saw lighting and broke the kiss.
"Yes, that's it! Ah Ah Right there- that one thing!"
Max went harder, faster, rougher. Zayn came untouched, all over the brick wall, while hollering out a high note. Max filled his condom a few thrusts later. They collapsed into each other. Laughing. 
Just then, a few figures appeared in the alley.

Ziam fanart hahahah
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